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Ladies of the Atlanta Area - Special Invite
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Our friends at  DIVAS INC have invited us to participate in a sexy event!  

What are you "giving" your man for Valentines Day? You don't have to buy him a gift, you can give him something he won't forget!!!  


Learn a sexy routine to Beyonce's Drunk in Love! Just in time to give your man a sexy tease Valentines Day! Event features an open bar and refreshments.


Get tickets online in advance at online at and receive $5.00 off

Even if you don't have special man in your life or a Valentines, it will be fun!  You can add it to your arsenal.  


This event makes an  ideal GNO too!

Drunk In Love 2



Casting BRIDES - Southern California
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A Major Cable Network is currently casting eccentric, dynamic brides with dreams of having an over the top wedding.  If you're a bride seeking a blingy, flashy, glitzy wedding and want your big day to mimic a Greek, Italian, Persian or Gypsy type of affair, then you are may be the bride they are looking for!

This production wants  to enhance your big day and document it on television for you and your honey to remember for a lifetime! Deadline to apply is Monday, November 25th 2013.  

- Must be getting married between now & Valentines' Day 2014 in the Greater Los Angeles area / Southern California.

Send an email to with your Name, Phone Number, Photo of the engaged couple, and tell us about a little bit about yourselves!

Also Include:  
Your Name
Phone Number
Recent Photo of YOU & FIANCE


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Our friends at Don't Tell the Bride are asking for help finding couples again, who want $20,000 for their wedding!  Are you or someone you know engaged?




Don't Tell the Bride NATIONWIDE CASTING:  Giving away $20,000 for a dream wedding!

We are casting dynamic couples who are currently engaged, but lack the funds to have a dream wedding.  Each episode focuses on one couple’s big day and what it took to make the wedding happen.  The bride and groom agree to avoid all communication with each other for two weeks before the ceremony.  In exchange, the groom is given $20,000 to plan the entire wedding without the bride’s input.  Have no fear; each groom ultimately creates a unique wedding to celebrate his true love!

Casting Requirements:

- Currently engaged
- Willing and able to get legally married between September 2013 – December 2013
- Have a few groomsmen and bridesmaids with big personalities willing to be on the show with you
- No long distance or destination weddings. You must be willing to marry within driving distance of couple’s residence(s).



 PHOTO features the OWN logo, although I believe the show is now on The USA Network.  And its $20,000 NOT $25,000!  Either way, go for it!


Please email with the following information:
*           Bride’s name and Groom’s name
*           Bride’s phone number
*           Bride’s email
*           Bride’s resident city
*           Groom’s phone number
*           Groom’s email
*           Groom’s resident city
*           A few sentences about you and why you are an ideal couple for the show
*           Wedding status – where you are in the process
*           Current photo of bride and groom (make sure we can clearly see you both)


Tell them SPICY WIFEY sent you and best of luck!



Spicy Wifey



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Our website is going through a major re-construction.  Its taking some time for me to make up my mind and decide on the what and where and hows of it all.  For the most part, this site will remain functioning during the construction.  However, there may be periods where it goes down.  So to avoid, any miscommunication, most of your chatting will happen on our Facebook pages until the new site is completely done and goes live!


I hope you understand.  I am a one woman empire and I like to take my time and do things right!

So please like and visit us on our Facebook pages:



You can also follow me on Twitter!  I tweet  about marriage, relationships and my professional work as a television and film makeup artist.


Thanks a million!

Quin, Spicy Wifey



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The USA Network is currently looking for fun, charismatic NEWLYWEDS between 25 and 35 whose families are polar opposite to participate in a new family-centered game show! One lucky couple, along with their family members, will live under one roof and compete for a HUGE cash prize!


 Spicy Wifey fans can apply directly by sending an email to: (Be sure to tell her Spicy Wifey sent you)   Couples can also apply directly at  But be sure to put "SPICY WIFEY" in the referred by section of the application.


Must be married by February 2013


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'Tis the Season...
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'Tis the season...for?


Depending on whom you pose the question to, the responses will vary.  But many, full of festive cheer, will respond "to be jolly"!  The holidays are generally a happy time.  The decorations, the lights, the music...and yes, the mistletoe!   But often if you ask a husband, he may mumble a grunt and something about the expense, the debt, bills, the chores of hanging lights and things reminiscent of ole' Scrooge!   Some wives, murmur complaints about lack of help and support and dread the planning and cooking and so it goes.  Lets not do this, this year.  Join me in embarking on new holiday traditions that are truly joyous and spicy for all involved!



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You may recall us previously posting details regarding casting for engaged couples for the television series "Don't Tell the Bride". This is a fantastic and uplifting show that is going to help some deserving couples celebrate their love.  $20,000 in fact to make their wedding day a dream come true.  So whats the catch, of course there is a catch. The Groom plans EVERY detail without the help of his bride!


Interested or a know a couple who may be?  Here are the details!



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True Story...
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On our Facebook Pages we recently chatted about "chivalry".  The discussion kicked off with a question specifically about men opening doors.  Car doors to be exact.  I think the majority of the women who chimed in, said that their man does open doors and they expect him too.  Now, my husband hates when he makes the blog and I have to admit...he doesn't open my car door.  I never had the expectation and can't recall if my Dad opened doors for my Mom either.  But my husband will hold doors in and out of buildings, so I have to give him credit for that.  It doesn't really bother me.  I never gave it much thought.  But it does bother him when I mention it .  For me, its not essential or a deal breaker but it is an endearing quality.  One I want my son to posses and my daughters to receive and appreciate.    


Lets be clear, my husband does a lot of things that a good man should!  He's exceptional in many ways.  And just because a man opens your door, it may not make up for short comings he may have in other areas.  I can confidently say, that my husband falls short when it comes to opening car doors, but more than makes up for it across the board.  Opening car doors is one thing...but I recently read an article that BLEW ME AWAY!  Lets talk about chivalry on steroids!  Perhaps, this way of thinking is not that uncommon and I am out of the loop. But I highly doubt it!  Check this out and YES, this is a true story...




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Once again, our friends at OWN have asked up to help spread the word about this seasons casting of "Don't Tell the Bride"!  If you ARE or know of a couple that would love to receive $20,000 towards the wedding of their dreams, this is the perfect opportunity!  

Don't Tell The Bride" is a reality based television show where each couple receives $20,000 and 2 weeks to plan their dream wedding, the only catch is....the groom and one of his groomsmen plan the entire event!  But not to fear, rest assured that every bride is happy in the end and her wedding dreams truly become a reality!





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